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Defensive Offerings

Defensive Offerings

Application Control

Intelligent learning allows for system and software updates without adapting existing rules and regulations.
Integrated with popular unified endpoint management systems.
Extends central patch management systems.
Secure sharing options and easy-to-use service for end-users.

Device Control

Documents which file was copied to which medium.
Automatically and securely encrypts external USB data carriers.
Trains employees regarding the safe handling of data and external data carriers.
Extensive forensic analysis and reporting options.

Detection & Response

DriveLock EDR helps where prevention through EPP (Endpoint Protection Platform) ends.
Recognizes and remediates security incidents before major damage occurs.
Automates routine work of your IT security.
Adapts flexibility to your IT security strategy.
Integration into other systems such as Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) for further processing.
DriveLock combines all its solutions, Data Protection, Endpoint Protection, EDR and Identity & Access Management in its Zero-Trust Platform.

Native Security

Convenient and Central Management of Microsoft Security. You only need a single agent on the endpoint. Manage and monitor Microsoft’s security features centrally in one management console. This saves resources and prevents incompatibilities.

Cyber Security in Operational Technology / IIoT Whitepaper

CSDCyber’s whitepaper on Cyber Security in Operational Technology.

This whitepaper covers how DriveLock prevents malicious activity through USB devices.