SmartCard Middleware and Virtual SmartCard

  • Permanently use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) with more than 100 SmartCards. 
  • Use your TPM chip as a virtual SmartCard

Manage SmartCards Independent of Manufacturer

Multi-Vendor Support

Our middleware supports cards from all common smartcard providers and allows you to be independent of the manufacturer. (>100 smartcards)

Multi-platform Support

DriveLock SmartCard Middleware is available on Windows, Mac OS and Linux operating systems.

Legacy Card Support

Simplify legacy card migration from all major vendors with a single middleware solution.

Application Support

Our SmartCard Middleware supports a wide range of applications through standard interfaces, including Windows CAPI, CNG and PKCS11.

SmartCard Middleware Ensures Strict Multi-Factor Authentication

DriveLock SmartCard Middleware simplifies the management of smartcard authentication. 

Enables the secure storage and use of digital certificates as well as the associated keys on:

    • SmartCards
    • Virtual SmartCards
    • USB Tokens

Every Enterprise-level Solution Should Achieve this Standard

Sophisticated - Comprehensive - Fast


DriveLock has more than 10 years of experience in providing middleware for some of the largest enterprise smartcard projects in the world. As a result, the middleware is a mature, reliable and fully functional solution that is specifically tailored to your business requirements.


DriveLock SmartCard Middleware fully supports Windows Enterprise CA and all common card management systems. It can be configured to meet all the necessary security requirements of specific projects, including PIN management, caching and pass-through processes, certificate de-registration, certificate expiration notification and many other corporate features.


In addition, the middleware operates as fast as lightning. No more waiting for certificates to load and transactions to complete. Typical applications include a user login to a Windows domain, TLS server authentication, smartcard redirection for remote desktop and VDI, S/MIME email encryption and signing, BitLocker data encryption, FireFox surfing, and other applications that use digital certificates. 

Technical Details of the Different Middleware Versions

This version is the US Government PIV standard, including support for the Department of Defense card (CAC), US Government Card (PIV) as well as PIV-I, PIV-C and CIV.
The version is for Integrators and Large Enterprises that need to support both legacy cards and new cards. This includes support for Charismathics profiles, IAS-ECC, as well as legacy cards from all major smart card vendors.

This version is for OEM manufacturers and includes support for thin clients, printers, scanners, embedded operating systems and Android devices.

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