Vulnerability Management

  • Continuous assessment of vulnerabilities and the current security posture
  • A comprehensive overview of your IT infrastructure
  • Always know changes to your attack surface
  • Focus on what is important by quickly identifying which vulnerabilities need to be prioritised for the best risk reduction and which are irrelevant
  • Ensures security and demonstrates compliance using specific metrics that clearly communicate status
  • A validated solution according to internationally accepted classification standards
  • Scalable for small, medium and large enterprises
  • Tailor-made implementation and hosting models for your company (on-premise as well as cloud-based service)

Identify and Eliminate your Weaknesses

Ever-changing IT landscapes and evolving cyber threats require regular audits of your system environment. Attackers exploit vulnerabilities in operating system components or software applications to gain control of computer systems, steal sensitive information and disrupt operations. 

To keep your business environment secure, you need to be able to assess and measure your cyber risk. To do this, you need a vulnerability management solution that gives you complete visibility into your attack surface. Managing countless configurations within system components has become an impossible task using manual means.

The DriveLock Vulnerability Management solution identifies vulnerabilities on endpoints, makes them visible and thus prevents potential malware attacks. IT administrators can now identify and control the associated risks.

Regular Scan

Scan for weaknesses with automatic (scheduled or regular) or ad-hoc execution


Comprehensive vulnerability database with up to 115,000 vulnerability definitions (updated several times daily)

Overview & Reports

Management Console provides an overview of all vulnerabilities with endpoint assessments. Determines whether vulnerabilities are exploitable or idle.

Rights Policy

Multi-tenancy, multi-user and role-based access

Monitoring & Reporting

Selection of reports:

  • Environment vulnerability state
  • Detected CVEs with CVSS scores
  • Compliance reports
  • Vulnerability statistics – Total Number of Vulnerabilities
  • Top Vulnerabilities
  • Vulnerability Aging
  • Vulnerable Assets
  • Vulnerable Endpoints

The DriveLock Operations Center

  • Identify weaknesses in your environment
  • Assess how critical the weaknesses are
  • Provides a quick high-level overview at possible vulnerabilities

Additional Technical Information

DriveLock VM Scanner complies with the NIST standard by using SCAP* (Security Content Automation Protocol) and Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) detection.

    • The Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) is used to assess vulnerabilities.
    • The OVAL-Scanner contains a standardised language for coding system details.
  • Runs under Windows 10, 8, 7 and Windows Server
  • A vulnerability database with 115,000 definitions for approximately 140,000 CVEs 
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