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Red Team Services

Our Red Team and Penetration Testing Services

Our team of certified professionals will perform a thorough evaluation of your organizations environment, identifying potential vulnerabilities that could be exploited by attackers.

Why do we Go for a Tailored Approach?

We here at CSD recognize that every organization is unique, and with this uniqueness comes specific needs. We look to tailor each engagement to be the best fit for the organization to address these needs to save you cost and provide a more in-depth assessment.

Want to get started?

Some of Our Team’s Past Performance

Municipal and Critical Infrastructure

CSD and our team have a wealth of experience when it comes to testing municipalities of all sizes. We have tested a wide range of systems and networks, including waste water, financial, library, city hall, and many others. Our commitment to excellence and our dedication to thoroughness is exemplified in our work. We strive to use manual techniques and avoid automated scanners to produce the best results.

Manufacturing and Shop-Floor Security

We have helped work with these firms to identify operational and technical weak points in order to implement robust data loss prevention systems to protect sensitive data in transit. Through our thorough testing, recommendation, and implementation, our clients have achieved stronger cyber security posture in their shop-floor environments.

Financial and Blockchain

Our team has done work in the financial sector in a thorough manner. We have helped to secure web applications that are the central hub for these transactions. Doing so, we have helped to mitigate many threats for these clients. We have experience in newer transaction types and have conducted engagements in the blockchain-related side of the financial sector.

Here’s Some of What we Can do During an Engagement

Network Penetration Testing

Our team uses the latest tools and techniques to identify any weaknesses within your network infrastructure. We then validate them and report them back to you with actionable recommendations for remediation.

Web Application Penetration Testing

Our team will analyze and test your web applications for common vulnerabilities. We will identify injection flaws, cross-site scripting, broken authentication, session management, and other vulnerabilities. We will provide excellent recommendations for remediation, and next steps to ensure these risks are resolved.

Wireless Penetration Testing

Our team specializes in cryptographic and design analysis for IEEE 802.11 wireless networks among many other types. We will help by identifying, exploiting, and circumventing common measures implemented for wireless security. We can employ additional social engineering to help with employee awareness to near proximity threats.

Social Engineering

Our team here at CSD Cyber is more than capable in conducting sophisticated social engineering tests such as vishing, spear phishing, and in-person to test your employee’s awareness to these threats. Our team utilizes a trustworthy approach to these campaigns in which you will be consulted on the entire process for comfort.

Active Directory Testing

We aim to test your active directory environment through common lateral movement techniques, and will identify misconfiguration, design-flaws, among others to provide insightful feedback for your current posture.

What do our Engagements Look Like?

Preliminary Call

Once you fill out the contact form, we will be in touch with you as soon as possible. Mainly we will look to learn more about your organization and what concerns are currently on the forefront.

Planning the Engagement

Once we have taken some first steps with you, we will move forward with planning out the engagement. We will discuss the scope, rules, and goals of the engagement.


Once we have a thorough plan put together, we will begin our assessment efforts. We will keep in contact with you for the entirety of the engagement, and let you know when anything serious has been found.